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Track your Distractions
Different types of distractions may affect your work.

Phone Distraction Mail Distraction Facebook Distraction

They may interrupt you just for a while or can even stop your activity.

How to Manage Interruptions?

If you have a short interruption you can take a note of the new activity.

Write it down in the Activity Inventory page,
when it is something you can take care of some day later on.

Add new Task

But if you think it's urgent and needs to be done within today,
add it into the Todo page under Unplanned & Urgent section

Add Urgent Task

Anyway go back to your original Task and carry on!

If instead the interruption has diverted your attention at all from your Task,
right-click and stop the Timer.


Either way, you can track if the interruption was caused by yourself (Internal Interruption),
eg. you decided to check email

Internal Interruption

or if it was caused by others (External), eg. you got a call.


Month Stats will show these data.

They will reveal
which and how many types of interruptions
are affecting your performance.
Stats on Interruptions