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PomoTime v1.7.0 screenshots

PomoTime is a software tool for Windows that helps you with the PomodoroTechnique.

Find below some screenshots.





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An editable To-Do Sheet allows you to write/modify your daily tasks and Unplanned tasks.


A different skin can be selected for the To-do Sheet.

Other skin

Two navigation buttons on the right upper corner are added to change the displayed page.

If for instance you are in 'To-do' sheet and press '>' button, the Inventory-List page will be displayed.

The Toolbar

New buttons were added to quickly Start/Stop the Timer count-down, or add scores to the selected task.

The timer count-downd is displayed in a separate small window.
You can minimize the main window, while the minutes left are always displayed.

The Timer

You can drag the Timer window with your mouse.

The Timer

A tooltip shows the active task

The Timer

By right-clicking with your mouse all commands are displayed by a pop-up menu.

A settings window allows the user to select the options.

It is possible to use non-English characters.

Different fonts are available to improve visualization.

Completed tasks are marked with a crossing-line.

To-do files are ordered into month subfolders, i.e. files of Nov 2009 are into
C:\Program Files\PomoTime\dailytask\2009\11\

A new '?' blue button helps you to find a quick answer to common questions.


That bar indicates the Percentage of Abandoned pomodoros above the overall started pomodoros for the current day.
In this example the 58% of started pomodoros was abandoned.


Month Statistics are available.

Press 'F9' to access this page quickly.