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eNOugh TIME in the day..

Time is never enough, right?

We rush all the day but quite often we feel like we haven't done enough.

I was always super-busy on too many activities but - at the end of the day - I didn't feel happy with all the bunch of things still there on my Todo list.
And it was even hard to remember and describe what I had done along the day.

Some 10 years ago - thanks to my colleague Henrik - I started using the Pomodoro Technique.
At the very beginning it was hard to complete one single Pomodoro.
My Todo list was full of just Interruptions marks.
Pomodoros were very few, sometimes neither one.

Most of all I was using this technique to monitor and analyze the reasons of my poor productivity.
I tracked both Internal and External Interruptions - for details click here -
and my big surprise was to see how huge was the number of Internal Interruptions I was experiencing,
eg those Interruptions caused by myself.

Quite soon I noticed a couple of interesting things:

  • the number of interruptions was really high.
  • the root cause of my interruptions was.. myself.

All those bad habits like having a quick look at the mail, procrastinating,
switching to other tasks,.. were making my productivity go down.

My completed Pomodoros were still a few, but I didn't give up.
After all, my initial goal was to reduce the number of interruptions at least.

After a couple of weeks I could see some improvements, the number of Interruptions
went down and slowly the Pomodoros started to increase.

What I had learnt was basically a new skill to manage interruptions.
I found out I had a different feeling of time.
Time became a sort of ally, a resource that helps me realize my goals,
it was no more something that just 'flies away'.
That awareness had a great calming effect on me, good to escape
that hustle and bustle we experience every day.

I improved my productivity and - thanks to this simple technique -
I found a good anti-stress too.

Train your Concentration

Pomodoro Technique will train your brain to keep focused and avoid distractions.
That will make you more capable to manage interruptions, which is the key aspect
to improve your productivity.

Watch next video to know more about Pomodoro Technique benefits.


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