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More pressure for more productivity?


Does pressure at the workplace really increase Productivity?
I think NO, it doesn�t increase Productivity.
I work as a sw programmer and I work better when I feel calm and relaxed.
I don\'t understand why a very common practise today is trying to keep your employees or coworkers under pressure, everytime even if there�s no real need for that. Usually they think that it will ensure that everyone is productive.
I think that it becomes a game where anyone takes care only of his/her personal gain and that affects the benefits of being a team.
Calm down, man...
I don't agree, in my personal case the rule is "no pressure no work".
If you feel too relaxed you will work only if you really like what you're doing. And that happens very few times...
I can't figure out a workplace without pressure on employees.
I don't like it but I think I need it :-(
Jane Jk
A stressful workplace seems to be a productive place, everyone looks to be very busy and well, in many cases it could be so. For sure it is not a VERY productive place. It's pointless trying always to increase pressure on your co-workers. In many workplaces they believe it speeds up your motivation.
I think the best performance is achieved when there's a mixture of the pressure coming from outside, from the customers, etc. and a quiet, friendly environment you create among your colleagues.

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