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Unleash all features!

  • No limits on Pomodoros per day
  • No limits on the number of Projects
  • Track the time spent on your Projects
  • Long Task descriptions
  • Month Statistics
  • Categorize your Tasks and see the amount of pomodoros® grouped by Types
  • Page with Tasks completed/worked yesterday
  • Browse previous ToDo lists
  • Track unfinished tasks: days of presence in your list, number of pomos already worked


I don't have a PayPal account. Can I purchase a license?

Yes. Once you click on the payment button

First PayPal window

click Continue then click 'Pay with a Card'

How to pay with a card

Can I pay with UnionPay or JCB or other cards?

Yes. There are plenty of cards accepted, UnionPay or JCS are just some examples.

Click on the payment button > Continue > Pay with a Card > then select your Country.
All the accepted cards will be shown.

For example if you select 'China':

Pay with UnionPay or many other Cards

Can I buy a license from my Phone/Tablet and then use it for my PC?

Yes, you can purchase a license from any device and install it later on the PC you prefer.

Can I ask my boss to purchase a license for me?

Yes, someone else can purchase a license for you. Then you can install the license on your PC.

Can I use the same license on different PCs?

Unluckly not. A license is valid for 1 user only and is locked to 1 PC only.
To use XorTime on different PCs - eg home PC and office PC - you will need one license for each PC.

Can I buy one license and share it with different users?

Unluckly not. A license is valid for 1 user only and is locked to 1 PC only.
When different users are sharing the same PC, they will need different licenses, ie one for each user.

I need to buy some licenses for my team. Can I purchase more than 1 license with one single payment?

Yes. If you plan to use XorTime in your team, you can purchase in one shot as many licenses as you need.
After pressing the payment button set the Quantity field accordingly. ie if your team is composed by 5 members, set Quantity = 5.

Purchase more licenses in one shot

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