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Launch XorTime


Write your Tasks you plan to do today.

Todo Today page

Choose a task.

For example, you may decide to work on the 3rd one.
So click on that, the pencil will move on the selected task.

Todo list

Set the Timer.

Timer button

Work until no Minute is left.


Engage not to interrupt yourself nor to switch to a different activity.

After the 25 minutes have elapsed the Pomodoro Timer will notify you.
It can ring or simply blink and prompt a message.

If you like you can track your interruptions and show Statistics on a month basis like
Stats on Interruptions

more details here..

When the Timer rings

Put a checkmark.

Pomodoro Ok

Have a 5' break

Stretch your legs, grab a coffee. This is an important aspect for your performance.


If your Task is not completed

you can set the Timer again and continue working on that.
You may need more than 1 Pomodoro® to complete your Task.

In this example the 3rd task was completed with 1 single Pomodoro.
Instead, the 1st task in the list - despite the 2 Pomodoros already worked -
is not completed yet.

Tasks with scores


Various options are available to customize your Pomodoro Timer,
eg you can enable/disable the ticking sound or change the Pomodoro duration.

You can use a different font type or select another window skin. See how..


Search on Wikipedia about Pomodoro Technique. More..

Chinese Manuals 番茄工作法




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