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What Did You Do Yesterday?

I'm a Scrum enthusiast and have used it at work for some 6 years.
I don't like meetings. My 2-cents solution: whenever there's a meeting, companies should charge organizers with 2€ for each attendee and for each hour.
So if you're inviting say 4 people for a 1 hour meeting you should be charged with 2 * 4 * 1 = 8$.

I like Scrum, in 10 minutes the whole team can catch up and share the important project info.
Anyway – in every stand-up meeting – there's a hard question for me to answer: what did I do yesterday?

For the purpose of Scrum methodology that's when other people know what you're up to.
You don't have to go deep into details, no long explanations, no white-boarding is required, no context, just get to the point and in few words tell your team what you did yesterday and if you were blocked on some issue.

So what I did yesterday?
My genuine answer would be: sorry, I can't remember. And in fact I don't! So I roughly provide a vague description of my tasks and as a result I give the impression that yesterday my work engagement was not that great.

First solution: a notepad.
It didn't work, I was not so diligent to jot down all my activitities day by day.

Second solution: I added a new page 'Last Day' to XorTime.
This page reports what tasks were worked yesterday and which ones were completed.

Last Day page

The Last Day page

All the tasks you worked yesterday - or the last day you launched XorTime - are listed in this page.
Tasks that were completed are grouped first.

I like to check this page as a tangible result of my energies and time I spent yesterday.
It makes me feel self-confident and ready to complete my next tasks.


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