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This XorTime page reports which to do items you worked on your previous day.
It's an overview of your efforts and your achievements. That easily allows to summarize what you did yesterday and how your energies were spread across different activities.

As an example, today it's the 3rd of December and this is what XorTime is showing me

Previous Day Projects Pie-Chart

it refers to what I did yesterday, the 2nd of December.

The upper half of the page displays two diagrams for the time spent.
A list of worked to do items is displayed in the lower half. Items that were completed are grouped first.

Anything you worked on yesterday - or more precisely the last day you launched XorTime - is shown in this page.

Efforts per Activity Type

On the top portion of Previous Day page a pie-chart will show the time spent per activity type.
In my case I have

Previous Day Activities Pie-Chart

The picture refers to my personal settings of categories, I set the black color for Networking, light pink for Finance and so on.
I can see more than a half of my time was spent on writing articles. So, in my case, this was the type of activity that yesterday involved me mostly.

Efforts per Project

A second pie-chart shows how the time was spread across the ongoing projects.
If you want to learn how easy is to use this feature and start tracking the time on your projects click here

As an example my pie-chart looks like

Previous Day Projects Pie-Chart

The diagram gives a quick understanding that my efforts were almost totally directed on one single project, the red one called 'Affiliate Marketing'.
Regardless of the fact I currently have nine active projects - as this pie-chart shows - I took care of just one project and overlooked the others left.
The white slice refers to time spent on to do items that are not linked to any of my projects.

List of Worked To Do Items

Below the pie-charts there's a list of the worked todo items.
The items that were completed are grouped first.
Then it's listed the group of to do items on which you worked but that are not finished yet.

Previous Day List of To Do Items

So What Did You Do Yesterday?

Previous Day page is meant to help you answer this question.
This is a common question at the stand-up meetings when using Scrum method.
The reason why I added the Previous Day page was just because at my Scrum meetings I needed a quick report on my previous day of work.
If you're interested this article is about my experience with Scrum and the steps I followed before adapting XorTime to stand-up meetings.

I personally like to check the Previous Day page at the beginning of my work-day. It gives me a tangible result of the energies and the time I spent yesterday.
Sometimes it displays a rich list of worked items and that makes me feel more confident and ready to complete my next tasks.
When instead the list of worked items is not that brilliant, it can be a chance to investigate on the causes or the impediments that affected my productivity.

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