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How to Track your Projects

Enter the Projects you're working on - eg 'Learn Arabic', 'Design new Xoring website',..
XorTime will track the time you're spending on them.

Time Spent per Project

To enter a Project click on the tabbed 'Project' page, then click on the project button.


Enter the name of your Project - for example "Learn Arabic" - then click Create

Project Name

In the ToDo Today page you can then link a Task to a Project.

In this example, we want to link Task "Study chapter 4 and do exercises."

Task linked to a Project

to the Project "Learn Arabic" that we just created.

So left-click the Task, click the symbol of the pencil and select Projects > Link to

Task linked to a Project

A list of the Projects you already entered is shown.
Select a Project and click Ok.

Link to Project

The Project name will be displayed ni green above the Task.

Task linked to a Project

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