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How to Track your Projects

You can enter the Projects you're working on and then track the time you're spending on them.

Time Spent per Project

To track a Project click on the tabbed 'Project' page, then click on the project button.


Enter the name of your Project - for example "XT Code Re-factoring" - then click Create

Project Name

In the ToDo Today page you can then link a Task to a Project.

For example, we want to link Task "Preliminary Study, ramp up on TV filter basics."
to Project "XT Code Re-factoring".

So right-click on the Task and select Projects > Link to

Task linked to a Project

A list of the Projects you already entered is shown.
Select a Project and click Ok.

Link to Project

The Project name will be displayed on the right side of the scores.

Task linked to a Project

You may need to enlarge the width of the XorTime window to see that.

Track the Time on each Project

Enter the Projects you're working on - eg 'Learn Spanish', 'Design new Xoring website',..
Each related Task can then be linked to its Project.

The time you spend on each Project is automatically tracked and displayed.

Time Spent per Project


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