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What happens to your Tasks when they are not completed?

No bother, they will be kept in your next Todo list.

The next day you launch XorTime all the tasks that you did not complete will still be present in your list.

If for example today you've completed task #1


as long as XorTime is re-launched within today , you will see both the completed tasks as those not yet finished.

Instead, the next day you'll launch XorTime the completed tasks are removed.
You will see just the tasks that were not completed


Days of Presence and Previous Pomos

On the left hand-side of the Task description - at the bottom part - the Age of the Task is shown, ie the number of days this Task is present in your Todo list.
At the upper part another number shows how many pomodoros were already completed in the past days.

As an example the Task in the following picture has been present for 5 days in the list. And 3 pomodoros were completed in the past.



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