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Changes in v2.3.3.0 - May 20th 2021
  1. Stats on each todo item. A bar chart shows the time spent per day on each todo item. Todo Today's page > Select a todo > Click pencil button > Stats..
  2. Fix: Start Timer button is not displayed correctly when a session is completed and the current page is other than Todo Today's page.
  3. Improved graphic display of secondary tabbed pages on Next Steps page.
  4. When timer is active avoid screensaver or power safe mode.

Changes in v2.3.2.2 - Mar 3rd 2021
  1. Project page: diagram with time spent per day.
  2. Improved pie-chart diagrams with sorting.
  3. Fix: browsing previous todolists does not save last changes on today's list.
  4. Fix: Start Timer button is not displayed correctly when a session is abandoned while viewing a page other than today's page.
  5. Fix: Adding/Removing recursive tag to todo items does not work properly.

Changes in v2.3.2.0 - Feb 3rd 2021
  1. FIX: In some cases a newly entered todo item in Next Page todolists was not correctly saved.

Changes in v2.3.1.1 - Jan 29th 2021
  1. FIX: on drawing Todo Today background.
  2. Using hand written labels for categories

Changes in v2.3.1.0 - Jan 29th 2021
  1. Feature: setting deadlines to todo items.
  2. Code clean up for a smaller memory footprint.
  3. Improved graphical display of pie-charts.
  4. Improved graphical display of text selection.
  5. Change: now History page collect worked tasks - not only completed ones.
  6. FIX: project name were lost for repetion todos.

Changes in v2.3.0.0 - Dec 22th 2020
  1. New feature: user can create multiple todolists in Activity Inventory page (which is now renamed as 'Next Things').
  2. FIX: current date not displayed on fresh installs.
  3. FIX: browsing old todolists with right/left arrows.
  4. FIX: deleting items in Web/App usage stats.
  5. Improved graphical display: scrolling doesn't affect the clipboard image.
  6. Improvement: Space used on disk is now reduced to approx 10%.
  7. Manage order and change names of Next Things todolists.

Changes in v2.2.9.1 - Nov 25th 2020
  1. Improved Web/App usage stats.
  2. Web/App usage page: added button to delete entries.

Changes in v2.2.9.0 - Oct 5th 2020
  1. Improved app usage stats.
  2. Timer skin can now be changed while pomo is on.
  3. FIX: In some cases Activity Inventory list was not saved on exit.

Changes in v2.2.8.5 - Jul 24th 2020
  1. FIX: Dlls installed by setup program.
  2. Improved Apps/Website Usage stats
  3. Timer value is shown on the taskbar too.
  4. Settings option to select different skins for the Timer window.
  5. Improved project pie-charts with a different set of colors.
  6. Fix: wrong todo item gets selected on crossing the midnight when a previous todolist is displayed (thanks to Jonathan M.).

Changes in v2.2.8.0 - Jun 15th 2020
  1. FIX: Start up was taking too long and main screen was showed up after approx 20 secs.
  2. Added Apps/Website Usage stats
  3. Fix: minor fixes on browsing previous Todolists.

Changes in v2.2.7.9 - Jan 20th 2020
  1. Fix: on crossing midnight, pomo gets assigned to item #0 (thanks to Jonathan M.)
  2. Fix: on sorting todo items (thanks to Janet M)
  3. Fix: on moving todo items from Activity Inventory to Todotoday page.
  4. Custom skins: restored old layout with the new skin "compact white", a settings option allows to show/hide prj names (Requested by Janet M)

Changes in v2.2.7.8 - Oct 8th 2019
  1. Fix: minor bug fixes
  2. Adding sentences to Chinese version (thanks to Samantha for tranlation).

Changes in v2.2.7.4 - Jul 13th 2019
  1. Fix: Crash after a todo item longer than 64 chars is linked to a project.
  2. Adding tranlation sentences to Chinese version.

Changes in v2.2.7.2 - Jun 28th 2019
  1. First implementation of Chinese version.
  2. Fix: Move row up/down.
  3. Fix: Graphical issue with the buttons bar.

Changes in v2.2.7 - Jun 15th 2019
  1. Compatible with Arabic language.
  2. Improved copy, paste, Undo and text selection capabilities.
  3. Fix: Month Detail page sometimes is empty.
  4. Previous ToDo lists are shown in grey.

Changes in v2.2.6 - Jan 9th 2019
  1. Added new layout to Todo-list page and customizable skins.
  2. Adding today's total time (hr and min) to monthly stats.
  3. Fix: start timer on empty row, click Ok => crash (thx Jonathan M.)
  4. Fix: delete char in the middle of a string then write => chars wrongly appended! (thx Jonathan M.)
  5. Fix: Change User data dir

Changes in v2.2.5 - Jul 20th 2018
  1. Track time spent on Projects
  2. Track time spent on Tasks
  3. Enhanced 'Last Day' page with pie-charts

Changes in v2.2.4 - Jun 22nd 2018
  1. Increased number of labels to categorize tasks.

Changes in v2.2.3 - Jun 9th 2018
  1. Fixed graphical issue on Month Details page.
  2. Fix on Unplanned and Urgent row position.
  3. Removed duplicated calls to check new versions.

Changes in v2.2.2 - Apr 17th 2018
  1. Font maximum size enlarged.
  2. Added links to Social Media.
  3. Fix Popup Menu position for Help button.
  4. Updated URLs to How To web pages.
  5. Max window width enlarged to show all buttons.
  6. Changed default Settings: ticking sound disabled, font from Bradley 20 to Buxton 26

Changes in v2.2.1 - Mar 23rd 2018
  1. Fix on fresh install (thanks to MiRxx for reporting this).

List of major changes in v2.2.0 - Mar 17th 2018
  1. Score position restored to the right-hand side.
  2. Fix: timer can't be started on completed tasks.
  3. Executable reduced in size. Some skins were removed.
  4. Buttons redesigned.

List of major changes in v2.1.9 - Nov 9th 2017
  1. Minor fixes.

List of major changes in v2.1.8 - Nov 5th 2017
  1. Minor fixes.

List of major changes in v2.1.7 - Oct 3rd 2017
  1. Scores and Task Descriptions are swapped.
  2. Fix: cross over midnight (Thanks to Bill M.)
  3. Fix: pomo scores are messed up when the app is closed with the InvList is displayed and changes need to be saved. (Thanks to Bill M. and Olga C.)
  4. Fix: on Import tasks
  5. Fix: Close Settings, if page is not Todo => cursor disappears
  6. Fix: Cut/Paste row

List of major changes in v2.1.6 - Jun 5th, 2017
  1. Enlarged field in ID dialog.
  2. Automatic char format conversion of lic file.

List of major changes in v2.1.5 - May 29th, 2017
  1. Fix: reduced memory occupancy.
  2. Reworded text messages to the user.

List of major changes in v2.1.4 - Feb 9th, 2017
  1. Fix: display ID with F9.
  2. Fix: items shouldn't be moved from Activity Inventory to ToDo page when in read-only mode.

List of major changes in v2.1.3 - Jan the 16th, 2017
  1. Fix: display Chinese characters on Last Day page (thanks to Iris).
  2. Fix: Crossing the midnight the app will be closed on adding/removing scores or starting the timer.
  3. Fix: copy all files when Userdata folder is changed.

List of major changes in v2.1.2 - Sep the 4th, 2016
  1. Fix bug: reading user credentials (thanks to Raphael S.)

List of major changes in v2.1.1 - Jun the 3rd, 2016
  1. Fix bug: app crashes at the beginning of the month.

List of major changes in v2.1.0 - May the 31th, 2016
  1. Fix for Chinese fonts on Month Details page

List of major changes in v2.0.9 - May the 4th, 2016
  1. Fix on PieChart
  2. Fix: avoid multiple instances of the app
  3. Fix on Score details, thanks to Todd M.
  4. Fix on tray icon.

List of major changes in v2.0.8 - Nov the 8th, 2015
  1. Classify your Tasks, define your own Categories
  2. See your progress of completed Tasks within the Month
  3. A Pie-Chart displays percentages of the defined Categories

  4. Setup your Categories

List of major changes in v2.0.7 - Aug the 8th, 2015
  1. Rows in ActivityInventory page are doubled
  2. Fix on the scrolling of the window

List of major changes in v2.0.6 - Jan the 8th, 2015
  1. Past ToDo lists are not editable
  2. support for '@' char

List of major changes in v2.0.5 - Oct the 15th, 2014
  1. Added YaHei font
  2. Fix on installer for missing msvcp120.dll (thanks to Shirley)

List of major changes in v2.0.4 - Oct the 6th, 2014
  1. Added Tabbed pages
  2. Added page: what I did last day?
  3. Buttons to display previous ToDo lists (Alt+Left/Right displays prev/next ToDos)
  4. Fix on Minimize icon
  5. Fix on Pencil icon

List of major changes in v2.0.3 - Aug the 20th, 2014
  1. Run on System startup option
  2. Various fixes

List of major changes in v2.0.2 - June the 3rd, 2014
  1. Minimize to Tray option
  2. Fix on Cut/Copy feature

List of major changes in v2.0.1 - Apr the 27th, 2014
  1. Inventory List: Compact Row after moving one row to ToDo page
  2. Button images enlarged
  3. Popup menu on Timer window (thanks to JianLin L.)
  4. Fix on dragging the window
  5. Fix on pomos ending over midnight
  6. Fix on Unplanned & Urgent row after opening old ToDo Sheets (thanks to Dummer)
  7. 'F7' displays instructions on which files to send when reporting a bug
  8. Fix on .ini file for 'lasttodofilename' param (thanks to Michael D.)
  9. Fix on Copy&Paste issue (thanks to awren22)
  10. Minor fixes

List of major changes in v2.0.0 - Mar the 20th, 2014
  1. Removed extra apps from installer
  2. Added new Backgrounds and Fonts
  3. Fix on .ini file saving
  4. Fix on Sorting feature (thanks to Mr Zheng)
  5. Minor fixes

List of major changes in v1.9.7 - Jan the 22nd, 2014
  1. Fix on installer for Sound and Font directories
  2. Fix on diagram display
  3. Minor fixes

List of major changes in v1.9.6 - Dec the 16th, 2013
  1. Fix on diagram display (thanks to gengfun)
  2. Added two new skins

List of major changes in v1.9.5 - Dec the 5th, 2013
  1. Option to display/hide vertical scroll-bar (thanks to Per C.)
  2. Fix on setting option 'playalarm' not set
  3. Total Estimated pomos are now saved into TaskDone Archive

List of major changes in v1.9.4 - Sep the 16th, 2013
  1. Fix on sound effects (thanks to Gump)
  2. Fix on setting.ini file for WinNT PC (thanks to myjq2003)

List of major changes in v1.9.3 - May the 25th, 2013
  1. Allow multi-user environment (special thanks to Marco R. for his help)
  2. Timer interval changed to [5-90] (thanks to Mr. Zhou)
  3. Fix on minor bugs

List of major changes in v1.9.2 - May the 10th, 2013
  1. Allow multi-user environment (thanks to Marco R.)
  2. Fix: Registry Settings permissions (thanks to Marco R.)
  3. Fix: CSV export for Chinese character (thanks to Jackluo)
  4. Fix: scores are lost in CSV export (thanks to Jackluo)
  5. Fix: close and reopen => recursive completed tsk are not stroke-through anymore!
  6. FIX: Paste anything in InvList, move the line you pasted => anything mashes up (thanks to EJ)

List of major changes in v1.9.1 - Apr the 2nd, 2013
  1. New Option to set Font Size (thanks to Shinco)
  2. New Option to set the User Data directory (thanks to Mickser)
  3. New Option to display/hide Score Details like labels, previous pomos, how long a task is on todotoday page (thanks to Lindsey R.)
  4. New Feature: Remove Completed Tasks (thanks to Lindsey R.)
  5. 'Estimated' button displays a popup menu to add more scores in one shot (thanks to boardtc)
  6. Fix: on changing Font not every page is updated (thanks to Marco R.)
  7. Minor bug-fixing

List of major changes in v1.9.0 - Jan the 28th, 2013
  1. Fix: on opening old todotoday when stat page is displayed (thanks to Ji Youguo )
  2. Fix: cursor in the midle of task description, after marking/revmoving that tsk as done sometimes underlying chars are not stroke through correctly
  3. Fix: Timer cannot be started on completed tasks

List of major changes in v1.8.9 - Dec the 27th, 2012
  1. Bug fixing

List of major changes in v1.8.8 - Sept the 24th, 2012
  1. Bug fixed: 'List Undone first' issue (thanks to Tarnschaf)
  2. Added Hot-Keys for task labeling - Alt+R: red, Alt+Y: yellow, ..
  3. Bug fixed: on row swap when row has the timer active
  4. Display of Today Overall Scores on Todotoday page
  5. When Break-Time elapses, it automatically prompts out every 4 seconds (requested by hj25133778)
  6. InventoryList page: double-click moves the task to ToDoToday page

List of major changes in v1.8.7 - July the 15th, 2012
  1. Changed app name to XorTime (please take note! Former name was PomoTime)
  2. Fix: score mismatch after row swap with UnplannedUrgent row

List of major changes in v1.8.6 - July the 9th, 2012
  1. Fix: score mismatch after row swap (thanks to Peter K. and awren)

List of major changes in v1.8.5 - June the 26st, 2012
  1. Categorize tasks with labels
  2. Display of Total pomos in the previous days
  3. Display of Task Age: days of presence in ToDoToday Sheet
  4. Minor bug fixing

List of major changes in v1.8.4 - May the 31st, 2012 (thanks to Juan A. 'jams777', Jam Fung, Tina 'tian-tian flower'
  1. Fixed bug on Unplanned & Urgent row for fresh installations
  2. Option to set the Pencil as blinking or not (suggested by Rick B.)
  3. Enlarged the range of Timer duration
  4. tasks can be marked as 'repetitive' so they are automatically present in every new ToDoToday sheet

List of major changes in v1.8.3 - Apr the 17th, 2012
  1. Unplanned & Urgent row is moveable
  2. Changed caret as a pencil

List of major changes in v1.8.2 - Mar the 23rd, 2012 (thanks to Jonathan M., kwok, JoLe, Sherry J.)
  1. Fixed bug of resizing the window width
  2. Fixed minor bugs

List of major changes in v1.8.1 - Mar the 12th, 2012
  1. Added Scrolling Capability
  2. Fixed minor bugs

List of major changes in v1.8.0 - Jan the 13th, 2012
  1. CSV format export of ToDoToday Sheet
  2. Fixed minor bugs

List of major changes in v1.7.6 - Nov the 4th, 2011
(thanks to Bayu W.)
  1. Added new background images
  2. Fixed minor bugs

List of major changes in v1.7.5 - May the 28th, 2011
(thanks to Oren, Eric, Jingqi W., Dr.ZL and squiz)
  1. Fixed bug on main window position

List of major changes in v1.7.4 - Mar the 9th, 2011
(thanks to the Chinese guys Euii and Lang)
  1. New feature to Sort Alphabetically the tasks in the Todotoday page
  2. Statistics page displays also Estimated pomos
  3. Now the main window remember its last size and position
  4. Bug fixing

List of major changes in v1.7.3 - Feb the 11th, 2011
(thanks to kostas L, Slav, Pierre P.)
  1. New buttons to move rows Up/Down
  2. New button to sort tasks. First undone and then completed tasks.
  3. New feature to move a task from the Inventory List to the To-do-today page.
  4. New 'abandoned' button to add (left-click) or remove (right-click) 'abandoned' scores