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May 14 2021
Some todo items may need several days to be completed.
Having some stats that show the time spent on a daily basis may help monitor our efforts on these todos.
That's especially true for recurring tasks which are meant to be repeated every day - eg Work-out.
BTW, to set a todo to be repeated every day, click the pencil button > Categorize > Repeat this Task everyday

Mar 18 2021
Posted a video on YouTube. It shows how XorTime can track the time you spend on your projects.
Watch Video

Feb 14 2021
Working on Projects page.
I'm adding a histogram to display working time per day for a selected project.
Just posted a video to show the current work in progress.
Watch Video

Feb 8 2021
Changing a bit the way History page is filled up.
In the past this page collected the completed todos.
Now it lists the todos worked for each day, regardless of whether they're completed or not.

Feb 2 2021
XorTime is now free.
Download v2.3.1

Jan 21 2021
Allowing to create more than one todo list.Watch Video

Instead of gathering your next todos into one single Activity Inventory, you can have a specific list for each specific topic, so you can group together similar tasks.
eg you can create a list for todos related to your hobby, one for house chores, one for the Spanish course, you name it.
This way any new todo can be placed into its proper bucket so you don't mix your finance todos with your workplace todos.

Jul 26 2020
Installer issue should be fixed now.
Check v2.2.8.8

Jul 22 2020
It looks like there's an issue with the installer program.
On fresh installs the app won't run.
Apparently this issue showed up with v2.2.8.2. Still investigating on that...

Jan 21 2020
Adding a setting option to select language.
For now English and Chinese are available.

Settings: language

Jul 27 2019
Improving management of entered projects, like changing the name or closing a project.

Jun 27 2019
Working on a first implementation of a Chinese version.
Here's how it could look like.

Chinese version

Jun 14 2019
Adding a small button to categorize a task and link it to a project.

Categorize and Link to Projects

Jun 11 2019
Improving copy and paste capabilities.

copy and paste capabilities

May 26 2019
Making the app compatible with Arabic language. Will go into next v2.2.7.

Arabic language

Mar 22 2019
Fixing an issue on Last Day page. Chinese fonts are not displayed correctly.

Also, automatically load a new Todo list when crossing over midnight. So no restart is required.

Feb 15 2019
Thanks Nikki for spotting this. Month stats are not updated, unless you close up and then re-open the app.
For example my time worked today is 1:01'
Month stats not updated

but if I click on Month stats page I still see 0:48'
Month stats not updated

Jan 30 2019
Fixed some graphic issue with languages like Japanese when using fonts like Buxton Sketch.

Jan 27 2019
Added support for RTL languages like Arabic, Hebrew,..

Click the proper button in the download page
Download RTL version

Jan 24 2019
Tracking the hours worked per day on a month basis.

Hours worked diagram

Oct 8 2018
I'm changing a bit the layout of the ToDo Today page, rows should be larger enough to collect info on the task, eg time already spent, days of presence in ToDo list, which Project this task belongs to.

A first early draft could be

ToDo list tasks and infos

Any comments? Click here.

Sep 17 2018
Re-designing/adapting all the pages of this site to make them fit well on Mobile devices.

Aug 14 2018
Thanks Frederick Barton for your Review on XorTime v2.2.5.

I stumbled upon FindMySoft today.
This website collects and ranks software for Windows and Mac.

Jul 13 2018
Working on a new feature: Projects.

Time Spent per Project

You can enter the different Projects you're working on - eg. 'Write new book "Run your Business in Japan"', 'Create website and sell jellyfishes on line', 'Learn Spanish' - so that you can link your Tasks to a Project and track the time you spend on each.

Another change is that the time spent on each Task is going to be tracked, so the page with the completed tasks of the current month is going to track the minutes and not the pomos.

I hope this will help you track better your work.

Jun 19 2018
Adding more labels to set categories on tasks.

Task Categories

This is accessible by right-clicking on a task > Classify > Set up Categories

May 31 2018
Working to fix a bug on Month Details page.
After a scroll-down the last lines are messed up.
Will be fixed in the next v2.2.3.

Month Details issue

Apr 13 2018
Found a bug on license activation (thanks to Dr. Li).
It happens only if you changed the default XorTime folder.
Will publish a new version soon with the fix.

Updated the link to Twitter

March 23 2018
There's a bug for the demo mode, it's like the demo time has already elapsed.
Working to fix this issue, will publish a v2.2.1 soon.
Thanks to MiRxx for reporting this bug.

March 6 2018
In the last versions the scores were moved the the left-hand side of
the window.
TBH I don't like the new layout, so I'm working to restore the scores to
their original place. At the same time I want to keep the big length of
the rows. This should go into the next v2.2.0.

Sep 28 2017
It seems pomos, abandoned, interruption counts are messed up
when there are unsaved changes and the app is closed while
the Inventory List is displayed.
Thanks to Olga C. for reporting and suggesting when the issue happens.

Aug 2 2017
Widening the task descriptions, now they are almost 3 times longer.
Need to enlarge also the background skins.

Jul 14 2017
Thanks Bill M. for reporting a graphical issue related to pomo stats.
Investigating on this..

Setup your Categories

May 18 2017
Reducing the memory footprint of the app.
Adding more log messages.

Feb 18 2017
Bugfixing, there's some issue with the list of worked and
completed tasks yesterday. It seems not to be working with Chinese

Oct 12 2016
Working to fix some issue when the app is crossing the midnight.
In this case the app must be restarted.

Apr 7 2015
Hmm, need to fix the pie-chart, sometimes color is flooding all over the place.
Also the Month Details page has some issue with Chinese characters.

Nov 8 2015
Fixed an issue with the Setup program.
Now the previous version is automatically removed. So you won't need to uninstall before running a Setup.

Oct 18 2015
In the next version 2.0.8
Right-click on a Task > Classify > Set up Categories

Setup your Categories

Define your own Categories and classify your tasks.

Setup your Categories

For example in my case, I use the Red label for bug-fixing activities, the Green for Software Development tasks, and so on. So my ToDoToday list would look like

Setup your Categories

Then, have a look at the list of the Tasks completed within the current month.
A PieChart will display the percentage of each Category.
The work is still in progress, anyway it could look like

Setup your Categories

Write me! Your feedback is welcome!

Feb 10 2014
Scratched Wall skin
I'm looking for new background pictures and new fonts to add to XorTime.
Is there any special background you would like to be implemented? Can you draw one?
What would you suggest?
Write me!

Apr 28 2013
Fixing CSV Export with Chinese characters.
Same fix for 'DoneTask_xxx' files, even though the effect will be available only when a new month starts.

Mar 7 2013
Font Size and some bug fixing, 1.9.1 is in progress!
Fixing some bug that sometimes occur after changing the Font. I took a chance to make a good clean-up and redesign some parts of the code.

I've also added the option to select the font size, it was requested from some users.

Several Estimated pomo scores can now be added in one time.

Another thing I would like to add is the option to set the XorTime working directory, so one can set for instance a dir that is mapped on Google Drive, or Drop-box, ...

July 13 2012
Changing Name! PomoTime will change its name.
The next release will come up with the new name for the app, check this web-site.
Some issue will be fixed, like swapping the row with the UnplannedUrgent causes the scores to be messed up.

May 28 2012
May Release. May release v1.8.4 is delayed.
There are many changes in the lower structures, not all will be visible from now.
Most of the big changes are just a preparation for new features that will be available in the next versions.

Apr 16 2012
Pencil as Caret. In the next v1.8.3 the caret will be a pencil.
The row "Unplanned & Urgent" can be moved up or down.

Mar 12 2012
Scrolling capability. In the next v1.8.1 it will be possible to scroll the PomoTime window.

Nov 3 2011
New skins! It's time to add further background images.
Some people asked for a plain clear background, well I'm adding about 5 skins for the next v1.7.6

Oct 21 2011
Exporting features will be added to the next PomoTime versions.
At first the capability of exporting the ToDoToday page into a .csv format will be implemented.
Later other exporting formats will be added if needed.

Feb 4 2011
Moving and sorting rows.
In the next version some features to move and sort rows will be added.
It will be possible for example to move a task from the Inventory list page
to the To-do-today page.
Or sorting the tasks in order to list the ones still not completed and
then the tasks which are completed.
So, new buttons will be in the upper part of the window.
Among the score buttons, I will add one for the abandoned pomos.
That will allow to add abandoned pomos to a task, and (by right-clicking on it)
remove 'abandoned' scores from a task.

Jan 25 2011
PomoTime can now be downloaded also from SoftPedia site.
It was just awarded to be 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain
any form of malware, including spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.

Oct 5 2010
I'm adding a Forum to the site.
It should deal with Discussions about PomoTime app, Productivity, Procastination, or such.
If you want to have a look, click here: Forum

Sep 30 2010
I'm trying to figure out an easy way to browse and display the previous ToDo Sheets.
A guy whose nickname is 'lff' posted some days ago about this.
He raised the problem that too many clicks are needed to open and display old ToDo Sheets.
I guess this will be a new feature for the very next version.

Sep 16 2010
A further skin with a light pink was added to the last release 1.7.0.
Moreover the yellow skin - the Classic one - was slightly modified.
I increased the saturation of the colors because I noticed on some monitors
the yellow became a sort of sad pale brown. I hope now it's better, the yellow
is brilliant and the visibility of what is written on the Todo sheet is clean.
Maybe more available skins would be nice for the app.

Aug 12 2010
I'm adding a new way to cancel the scores accidentally added.
To tell the truth it is already possible to cancel scores, you just have
to right-click with your mouse, then 'Select Score..', then you select
the kind of score you wish to cancel for that row.
Luis (lff) suggested to cancel scores by right-clicking on the same buttons
that add a score.

Jul 22 2010
It's time to support fonts like Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic,..
I'm almost writing back again the whole application, this work will take a long time.

Mar 12 2010 - 22:42
Many people are asking the window to be resizable.
Well, I'm working on that. The next version will be resizable.

Mar 2 2010 - 21:07
Someone is experiencing some problem with the small Timer window.
They reported the window is not displayed.

In this case do as follows.

Close your PomoTime app

Then access the Registry at
Look at the right pane.
Double-click on 'tmrwndx', set the value 0, press OK
double-click on 'tmrwndy', set the value 0, press OK.

Restart PomoTime

Now the timer window should appear in the upper left-corner of the
window (and is draggable where you like).

Feb 10 2010 - 20:02
I added some basic Copy/Cut/Paste capability.
This is a first implementation, it is not possible to select the text with your mouse.
For example, if you want to copy a task description from your ActivityInventory page and paste it to the ToDo sheet, do the following 2 steps:
Step 1 - go to the ActivityInventory page, just click on the line to be copied - please note, you DON'T HAVE TO SELECT the line - and then press 'Control+C' (or use the 'Copy' button).
That will copy the whole line of text.
Step 2 - Then go to the ToDo sheet, click with your mouse where you like to paste the text and press 'Control-V' (or use the 'Paste' button).

Jan 26 2010 - 21:26
I received several requests to add copy/paste capability.
I agree it is an important feature, in order to manage text in an easier way.
Expecially to move tasks from the Activity Inventory toward the Todo Today Sheet.
I think some improvements are also necessary to make PomoTime more user-friendly.
Almost any action is accessible by the right-click popup menu, and that's not so fine.
New buttons should be added on the window, for instance one to cancel the last score on the current task.
Ooops, it's snowing...

Jan 10 2010 - 22:24
I'm adding new lines to the To-do Sheet. Many people asked me about that.
So, in the next v1.4.0 12 rows for planned tasks and 12 rows for unplanned ones.
The window is becoming bigger, but as the timer starts (F5 key) you can minimize the window by pressing 'Escape' key.
So only the minutes left are displayed in an always-on-top window of 1 inch length.

I'm working to add Chinese, Japanese font capabilities to PomoTime.
At the moment you can use English and non-English keyboards like German, French, Italian, Russian(?), Finnish, but not East or Arab keyboards.
So people using Chinese fonts on their PC, or Japanese or Corean should be able to use PomoTime with their mothertongue language.
Anyway this work is at its beginning stage. I don't know if it will be done for the next release 1.4.0 or the next one.

Dec 20 2009 - 19:24
I'm discovering that during my rest time between a pomodoro with the next one I'm keen to follow too many time-wasting distractions. It's important to take a break but it should only take a couple of minutes or more.
I'm getting the habit of having too long breaks.
In my last break I started surfing the web and I took more than half an hour to go back to my scheduled tasks!
PomoTime should discipline the pauses between pomodoros. Better if after - say 4 pomodoros - a longer break would be suggested and counted.

Dec 11 2009 - 19:24
Well, version 1.3.0 was just released!

I'm working now to have a Timer count-down more visible.
When the Timer starts it is displayed out of the PomoTime window.
You can drag and drop it anywhere on your screen.
It is ALWAYS on top, so I decided to give it some transparency,
in order to be always visible, but not too intrusive.
I'm still testing it in a debug version.
I can say I find it really confortable,
with a quick glance you know the minutes left.

What do you think?

Wish to tell your opinion?
Do you think another feature would be more important to develop?
Click here to send your comment.

Your ideas may drive the next development of PomoTime!